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Sensei and student in the training ground.

Welcome to the NinRp Wiki

NinRp Wikia is a combination of the training pages and biographies of all the participants of "NinRp", a participant built ninja role-play world based within an expansive future Naruto styled Universe, operating upon the 3d chat client, IMVU.

Set 200 years after the death of titular character, Naruto Uzumaki, role-players have enormous scope to utilise their knowledge of the series in creating unique and engaging new ninja characters of their own.

​The role-playing world is filled with ninja role-players who have their own agendas, aims and ambitions. At present there exist a select few Hidden Villages, which you will choose to join one and role-playing within.

​The goal moving forward is to recreate an entire ninja world map and establish a thriving ninja world tapestry of role-playing in a crowd-sourced nature, where on a personal level, relationships, rivalries and battles will ensue, encapsulated on the larger level, by war breaking out and peace being brokered, with the tailed beasts once more becoming a form of world currency and sign of village power.

​Whether you are a veteran role-player or entirely new, please browse this wikia. We look forward to inviting you into our role-play world. However so that every player enters NinRp on a equal footing and can immediately reap the benefits of the role-play, we ask that you first familiarise yourself with the NinRp Manuals and Rules here.

Contents List for NinRp Wikia

1. NinRp Rules

2. NinRp Ninja Creation

3. Role-playing Basics

4. FAQ

5. NinRp How To ((A guide to using the wikia, helping, submitting ideas, etc.))

6. Clans v. 2 ((The great nations version.))

7. Application form

Once you have read the basic manuals above, you should look at the more in-depth help offered here.

When you join the NinRp world properly, you would do well to familiarise yourself with the Ninja that already exist in the game. Their bios can be found here.


  1. Learning a Jutsu
  2. Jutsu
  3. Ninjutsu

Konohagakure Content List

  1. Konohagakure Village Rules
  2. The Konohagakure Databook
  3. Konohagakure Roster

Kumogakure Content List

  1. Kumogakure Village Rules
  2. Kumogakure Roster
  3. Kumogakure Databook

Kirigakure Content List

  1. Kirigakure Village Rules
  2. Kirigakure Databook
  3. Kirigakure Roster

Sunagakure Content List

  1. Sunagakure Village Rules
  2. Sunagakure Databook
  3. Sunagakure Roster

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